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logoBo’neFly Ambassadors are our global representatives who get introduced to the best and exclusive, unbiased non-commercial adventures worldwide. Rise to modern diplomacy – share your experiences on our website with the rest of the world. We are creating an interactive engaging personalized learning system to cultivate, learn and educate from our core of creative critical thinking.

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Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

Packing, making household arrangements, and near 24 hour flights take a toll.  Thus, it’s a wise move to leave a day post travel to relax, regroup, and catch up on rest.  A hotel on the Tel Aviv beach provides the ideal circumstances for refreshing the body and spirit for more adventure.  The gentle breeze wafting the curtains […]

Hello Tel Aviv!

“Let the journey begin…” February 14th, 2016 A Happy Valentine’s Day! Israel, I am yours!  Do with me what you will for the next 46 days! This is intended to be the ULTIMATE journey of connection on so many levels that I haven’t even tried to tally them up.  Let’s see what pours out off […]