Hello Tel Aviv!

WIN_20160215_12_18_45_Pro“Let the journey begin…”

February 14th, 2016

A Happy Valentine’s Day!

Israel, I am yours!  Do with me what you will for the next 46 days!

This is intended to be the ULTIMATE journey of connection on so many levels that I haven’t even tried to tally them up.  Let’s see what pours out off the top of my travel-weary head now…  I am here in Israel to joins with thousands here and around the globe for the world’s most significant connection event of all time, the Bnei Baruch HaTovim Congress–to bond with friends and to perform a soul meld with this place.  We intend to form such a connection that the way human beings relate to one another will be forever altered for good.  Physically here in Israel and virtually all over the world, we are getting ready to unite and answer the question, “Where is the love?”  We are flipping a switch to turn the love lights on. And the universe began its magic as I waited for my flight to Israel.

I was sitting at my gate at JFK airport waiting for the El Al crowd, peacefully listening to a streamed lesson, when a woman asked if I minded if she took a seat near me.  I casually glanced up and said, “Yes, please.  The seat’s open.”  I looked at her face for a moment and exclaimed, “You are familiar!  I know you!”  My friend Alisa from NYC was waiting for the same flight to Israel to attend the same congress!  We instantly laughed at the delightful surprise that life had just presented, formed a mini-group, and listened together to the same online lesson we had both been listening to separately!  Talk about exponentially exploding the excitement!  The opportunity to physically share the adventure with friends from the world had begun.


There is much more I want to tell you, but it has to wait until morning.  This is the state of affairs now:









Laila tov, Israel.


(Please stay tuned.  Much more to come.)